poultry loops 6 cm

made of 2-core elastic string (PES twisted covering)
Order No:A707615
EAN-Nr.: 4260397132623 Reference No:food graded elastic string (A707412) Einheit: Tsd.
0,27 Kg
Poultry Loops allow quick and simple trussing of poultry or other meat products without having to tie a knot. These loops are made from food grade rubber threads.
Size: 6 cm flat length, 12 cm total length
Elongation: + 250 %
Diameter elastic: ~ 1,5 mm
Elastic string with 2 extruded rubber thread
Covering: polyester (PES) twisted
100 pieces per bunch
2.000 pieces per bag
56.000 loops per carton
Our price refers to 1.000 poultry loops

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