rubberbands to bundle 500 gramm of green asparagus

Asparagus rubber bands - foodgraded  quality. Perfect to for bundling asparagus. We supply a very soft quality to bunch asparagus.
Application green asparagus 500-grum bundles or also 1-kg bundles. A707947 Asparagus rubber ring with food certificate

Here different photos of 500 gr. bunch green asparagus
The asparagus is bundled with a 6 mm wide rubberband. The thickness of the rubberband is 1.1 mm, the diameter is almost 4 cm.
This bunch of asparagus has a weight of 0.5 kg. The very soft rubberbands can also be used for 1 kg bundles without any problems.
If you are unsure, simply order a small quantity in advance and convince yourself personally of the size. Our rubberbands for asparagus are extremely inexpensive. Here is the link to the product in our online shop

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