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yarn loops 12 cm red/ white. 100 pcs./ bunch

material: PP-thread Nm 5,5/1x3. PU: 1.000 pcs.
1,50 plus 16% VAT + Shipping
1,74 € incl. VAT + Shipping
Pack: 1,50
Order quantity (PU: Bund)
Order No:A707135
EAN-Nr.: 4260397131619 Reference No:TS-N.120.3.PP.red-white
0,03 Kg
Size: 12 cm flat length, 24 cm total length
Diameter: ~ 0,5 mm
Material: PP-thread Nm 5,5/1x3
Colour: red/ white
PU: 1.000 pieces

High-quality BAUMEISTER pre-tied yarn loops for manual processing, a particularly strong knot guarantees the perfect strength of the loop. Origninal Seidelmayer loops.

The price refers to 100 yarn Loops.

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