2000 x 25 mm pallet bands BLUE.E511016252

circumference x width x thickness. PU: 10 pcs./ bag | 7 bags/ box
1,05 plus 19% VAT + Shipping
1,25 € incl. VAT + Shipping
Order quantity
ab 100
0,85 €
Order quantity (PU: Pieces)
Order No:A706352
EAN-Nr.: 4260397132326 Reference No:GRN.E511016252
0,12 Kg
Medium palett bands for securing loads on pallets
80 x 120 + 100 x 120 cm.
Rubber Pallet Bands, the cost effective alternative to plastic film or tape, are ideal for warehouse pallet movement and storage. UV-Resistance.

2.000 x 25 x 2 mm
Circumference x width x thickness.

10 pcs. per bag
7 bags per box
20 boxes per pallet

The price refers to 1 piece.

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