TTB1.0 tape tying machine - secure bundling with adhesive tape

max. product diameter approx. 10 cm. Table-top unit.
1.950,00 plus 19% VAT + Shipping
2320,5 € incl. VAT + Shipping
Order quantity (PU: Pieces)
Order No:A708044
Reference No:TTB1.0
13,5 Kg
Cost-effective and easy bundling of asparagus, radish, leek, cut flowers, electric cables, injection moulded parts, metal parts and other products.
Speed approx. 1 second per bundling
The table-top unit is very suitable for working with moist products, as the drive is operated exclusively by compressed air. 
An adjustable height stop facilitates the alignment of the bundles.
Safety: Safety bracket integrated in the head. 
Adhesive tape widths: 10, 15 or 30 mm Width
Sleeve diameter: 90 or 76 mm
Dimensions: 56 x 20 x 48 cm
Weight: 13 kg

Drive: pneumatic - max. 6 bar
Manufacturer: Erich Baumeister GmbH 
The device is shipped by us at a reasonable price by parcel service.

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